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Susi Dennison is a senior policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations. Her topics of focus include strategy, politics and cohesion in European foreign policy; climate and energy, migration, and the toolkit for Europe as a global actor.

At ECFR, Dennison acts as chief of staff to the Director and leads the European Power programme as well as the organisational growth and transformation process. She has been with ECFR since 2010 in a range of roles including developing ECFR’s work with public opinion data on foreign policy, leading ECFR’s foreign policy scorecard project for five years, working on North Africa in the early years of the MENA programme, and exploring how the EU can pursue a values-based foreign policy which supports human rights and democracy in a contested world. Before joining ECFR, Dennison worked for Amnesty International and HM Treasury in the United Kingdom.

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