1. Project management

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  • Work Package No WP1
  • Name Project management
  • Lead NUPI
  • Participating Institutions All Partners
  • Activity March ’23 – Feb ’27

Short description

The Principal Investigator (PI) Research Professor John Karlsrud will coordinate the project and the knowledge generated, ensuring maximum uptake of results in line with the implementation plan in the Grant and Consortium Agreements. The PI is responsible for the internal organisation and supervision of the project. He will be assisted by the Project Administrator at NUPI, the Governing Council (GC) for the coordination and implementation of the WPs; and by the General Assembly (GA) for the strategic orientation of the project. He will also draw upon the advice of the External Advisory Board (EAB). All partners contribute to the successful execution of the project by respecting the defined cooperation principles, timelines, roles, and responsibilities, and ensure strong commitment to achieve the project goals.

Main objectives


Provide top level management, ensure the aims of the project are efficiently and with the resources budgeted.


Provide effective reporting and communication within the project and towards the European Commission.


Ensure quality control of the project deliverables, re-adjustment, and corrective measures if necessary.


Ensure an effective knowledge and information management.

Core tasks



  • Management of financial, legal,
    and administrative requirements
    March ’23 – Feb ’27

The PI will manage the Consortium Agreement and the Grant Agreement with the European Commission. PI will lead discussions on amendments and revisions of these Agreements if necessary. The PI will manage the EC contribution and promptly distribute funds among partners, according to the rules established by the Grant Agreement and the Consortium Agreement. The PI supported by the Project Administrator, will track costs, as well as deal with the financial statements to be provided by each partner. The PI will provide the partners with all necessary information and guidance, ensuring that costs are incurred in line with the HE rules and provisions.



  • Data management guidelines March ’23 – Feb ’27

All WPs will be provided with managerial guidelines data management for the project period. The DMP will follow the EC guidelines on data management in HE. The DMP will be updated continuously and forms an integral part of the Period Reports.



  • Organisation of the Governing Council and General Assembly meetings March ’23 – Feb ’27

The PI, assisted by the Project Administrator, will organise and post-process all necessary consortium meetings, both face to face and telcos/web-based meetings. The first meeting will be held at an early stage of project implementation, to familiarize partners with the structure and operation of the consortium, as well as discuss partner roles, timing of task implementation and the research manuals to be developed. The GC meetings will take place biannually and the GA annually.



  • Monitoring of project activities
    and progres
    March ’23 – Feb ’27

The PI will coordinate research activities and periodical technical reporting. The PI will request concise biannual progress reports detailing the progress of each participating partner. The submission of these internal reports will coincide with the GC-meetings and will be used to monitor proper implementation of the work, ensuring early intervention by the PI if necessary. The WP Leaders will organize the preparation of deliverables. The PI will ensure quality control of the deliverables and their timely submission to the EC.



  • Ethics compliance March ’23 – Feb ’27

All WPs will be provided with managerial guidelines on ethics.


  • D1.1 month 4 – Jun. ’23

    Ethics report

  • D1.2 month 6 – Aug.’23

    Data management plan (1)

  • D1.3 month 24 – Feb.’25

    Data management plan (2)

  • D1.4 month 48 – Feb. ‘27

    Data management plan (3)

Co-funded by the European Union

This project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under the Call HORIZON-CL2-2021-DEMOCRACY-01 – Grant agreement n°101061621

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