Newsletter March-November 2023

Innovation and cooperation in global governance: The first months of the NAVIGATOR project

Have a look at the NAVIGATOR newsletter for the March-November 2023 period! Click here to open it in your browser: NAVIGATOR Newsletter March-November 2023.

The newsletter includes 6 important news and updates:

1. PI’s Foreword

In a world grappling with increased geopolitical competition, cooperation to solve global challenges has never been more crucial. In his foreword, John Karlsrud, the Principal Investigator (PI) of NAVIGATOR, reflects on the project’s inception. He emphasizes the importance of examining changes in global governance and providing recommendations to the EU for navigating this complex landscape.

2. What is on the Horizon?

This section explores what lies ahead for NAVIGATOR. The project aims to publish its methodology at the end of November 2023, offering insights into the conceptual framing of the research titled “Global Governance in Transition.” This section delves into the anticipation surrounding the working paper scheduled for release in February 2024 and its role in refining NAVIGATOR’s analytical framework.

3. Copenhagen Methodology Workshop

One of the pivotal moments in NAVIGATOR’s journey was the Copenhagen Methodology Workshop. This section provides an overview of the workshop, highlighting key discussions and outcomes. Participants included dedicated researchers and board members who came together to shape the project’s direction and methodologies.

4. Introducing NAVIGATOR’s Governance

NAVIGATOR recognizes the importance of effective governance. This section introduces the governance structure of the project, the names and faces who help NAVIGATOR achieving its ambitious goals.

5. NAVIGATOR’s New Communications Officer

Effective communication is a cornerstone of any successful project. NAVIGATOR introduces its new Communications Officer, highlighting the role this position plays in disseminating information, fostering collaboration, and ensuring that the project’s message reaches a broad audience.

6. Research and Activities

Delving into the heart of NAVIGATOR’s mission, this section explores the ongoing research and activities undertaken by the project. From the first academic output available on the website to the continuous efforts of the team in various work packages, readers gain insight into the tangible contributions NAVIGATOR is making to the field of global governance.

With a dedicated team, a clear methodology, and a commitment to providing valuable recommendations to the EU, NAVIGATOR is well on its way to navigating the complexities of global governance in a rapidly changing world. We look forward to the next months!

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